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ISP Engineering

Meeting the public demand for broadband internet services has become an essential modern challenge. The national emphasis being placed upon internet access for underserved areas, and the marketplace’s persistent demand for higher broadband speeds, present both opportunities and tests for new and existing internet providers. If you are considering creating, growing, or upgrading a network, Luffman-Byers Telecom, Inc. is well equipped with solutions to help service providers find success in the current climate.


Luffman-Byers Telecom, Inc. has served the needs of our valued clients in the telecommunications industry for twenty years. We’ve supplied ISP engineering for thousands of new and upgraded sites across the country, including extensive work with the CAF initiative. Our engineers are experienced with a broad range of telecommunications technologies including xWDM, Ethernet, GPON, FTTx, SONET, DLC, and xDSL.


Our organization has partnered with companies of various sizes to provide Broadband and Transport engineering services ranging from complete turn-key installations to task-specific projects. We can tailor our ISP engineering scope, services and project management to match customer’s specific needs and circumstances. From large-scale projects to engineering on a per unit basis or providing hourly augmentation, we can tailor our staffing capabilities to suit your needs.


We understand that the means to a successful project’s end vary from client to client. Luffman-Byers has achieved success with an ability to adapt to the tools, applications, and record systems that our partners rely on for their current operations. In addition, we work hard to abide by the rules and best practices our clients follow internally. We strive to be good stewards of existing networks while providing for their future.


Luffman-Byers works with industry-leading telecommunications hardware while also maintaining support for a selection of legacy equipment. Please see the Installation tab for more details on the equipment we frequently utilize.

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