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Broadband Planning

Broadband access is a cornerstone of the modern community. It’s the way we do business and teach our students; it binds communities together and to the world at large. Internet providers require the best analysis available to create networks that satisfy subscribers’ expectations and remain fiscally responsible. In partnering with Luffman-Byers Telecom, ISPs can expect to be presented with the best practices for incorporating broadband into their unique communities.

The Complete Picture

Our Broadband Planning services give ISPs the ability to make informed decisions on how and where to invest in their network for the maximum benefit. By leveraging the expertise of our OSP and ISP divisions, we can provide an assessment of your network growth options that factors in projected subscriber count, new vs. existing backhaul infrastructure, feasibility studies on copper vs. fiber, DLC placement and loop planning, equipment recommendations, and cost analysis.

We offer planning and strategy, business modeling, design and engineering, technology strategies, and financing solutions, as well as project management services to organize, oversee, facilitate, and verify the implementation of a broadband network. Our team provides expert advice and field-proven tools for assessing broadband adoption, planning new infrastructure and engaging a wide range of partners in the creation of a successful network.

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