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Our Story

Luffman-Byers Telecom, Inc. was established in 1998 by Charlie Luffman, who was joined shortly thereafter by Rick Byers.  Both partners had enjoyed successful careers with large telecom companies while working in management roles across several states.  They served in various capacities, including Central Office Conversion Coordinator, Central Office Maintenance Operations, Central Office Transport Design, Central Office Equipment Installation, Installation & Repair, and Construction.  Upon their retirement both saw the growing need to provide experienced, professional contract personnel and services for ILEC’s as well as the ever-growing number of CLEC’s entering the communications marketplace. Initially, Luffman-Byers focused on quality installation of equipment for central office and remote electronics but it didn’t take long for their customers to learn they were equally proficient in the installation of all types of power plants. When customers began deploying more fiber optic based systems throughout their network, Luffman-Byers was there to provide our installation expertise.

As telecom customers began to aggressively upgrade to fiber and broadband systems, Luffman-Byers capitalized on its previous relationships and recruited seasoned telecom veterans to fill customers’ critical gaps. This ultimately grew into the creation of full-fledged ISP and OSP Engineering Divisions in response to marketplace demand. The ISP Engineering team is familiar with most OEM’s and has diligently worked to integrate equipment seamlessly into each market based on customer requirements. Similarly, the Installation division has constantly evolved with the ever changing equipment and testing required to keep up with current customer needs. Our OSP Engineering business has continued to develop as well, recruiting and training additional resources to handle ROW, railroad permitting, AutoCAD and special record updating requests by their customers. The engineering divisions have most recently been designing and engineering many miles of fiber facilities and equipment for companies both large and small to shore up networks for services that include FTTx, GPON, xDSL, and long haul transport facilities. As the company has evolved, Planning and Project Management have proven to be key ingredients of the overall strategy for successful projects and Luffman-Byers’ teams delivered on these fronts as well. These personnel perform vital roles and contribute to everyone’s success as they continue to support the engineering and installation divisions.

Luffman-Byers Telecom’s Installation and ISP Engineering divisions are headquartered in Dalton, GA, while the OSP Engineering division resides in Moody, Alabama. All divisions have resources throughout the southeastern United States, but there are no geographical limitations on where we can work. Recent projects from New York to Texas, and from Florida to Iowa attest to our flexibility.

As you can see, Luffman-Byers has grown their business into a flexible, yet professional and multifaceted team that can assist most telecom and broadband providers in network improvements and realizing a better bottom line. Please feel free to complete your contact information in the Contact Us section of our website and someone from the Luffman-Byers team will be glad to coordinate dates and times to discuss your specific network or staffing needs.

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